Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working with the bumps in the road...

So, I'm trying to start a blog. I know, late to the party, but still it seems like a way to get out my thoughts about gardening, simplifying and making retirement fulfilling and affordable. I almost quit from the get-go when I found on my first attempt day before yesterday I was unable to add photos and text that I wanted to the templates of the blog. I STILL don't know what to do. But I don't want to crawl away with my tail between my legs so at least I will post something today and hope to work out the problems eventually.
We have had a run of very gloomy, wet and cold days here in CT. Not conducive to spending time in the garden, but I was praying for a good soaking rain last week and am grateful we did get that. The slugs are out in force. So far I have harvested lettuce and asian greens (tatsoi, bok choy, komatsuna, mibuna and mizuna.) I love asian greens because they are so versatile and easy to grow! Also have gotten a small harvest of swiss chard and kale and some french breakfast radishes.
I am growing shelling peas for the first time ever. Picked a handful yesterday which yielded a few mouthfuls of steamed peas that tasted heavenly! I've never eaten fresh peas before (not counting sugar snaps and snow peas which we've eaten lots of.)
My garden consists of lots of raised beds in various shapes and sizes surrounded by a fence. I'll put up a picture of it some day when I figure out how to. In previous years I found I didn't have enough space for everything I wanted to grow, so I kept expanding it. This year the expansion is almost complete. I have one more 20 by 3 foot bed to make. I dig them by hand with a spade and boy will I be glad that job is done! Feeling I finally have the room I need. Now if I could just get rid of some of the trees that shade it so much. Well, one step at a time. Ooh, can it be?? I got a picture up, just in the wrong place! It's a start! That is a photo of last year's garden. I'll get to work with pix of this year's now that I know I can get them up here. Hooray, progress!

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  1. It looks like you utilize your space well. I just expanded my garden area this year, and haven't yet perfected the bed layout. We found the TV cable and electrical lines run diagonally right through the new addition, which makes for a couple of odd triangle beds.