Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching Up

For some reason this year I feel like I have to push to catch up with what needs to be done in the garden. Hm, maybe I say that every year. The biggest problem has been that so much time is devoted to the digging of new raised beds. Sometimes I work on them oh, so slowly and sometimes, like when I'm feverishly trying to get in the squash plants before it's too late, I manage to dig them at quite a good pace. Thankfully, I am working on the very last one, so this should not be a problem next year. The bed is about 20 feet long and I've dug about 5 feet of it. Saturday I spent the morning digging enough of it to plant out the last two of my Burgess Buttercup seedlings. I found that one empty cell in my planter actually had a seed in it with a tiny tail sprout, so I planted it for fun to see if it turns into a plant or not. Then I planted a second round of beets in one of the garden's empty beds and planted out a new round of bok choy seedlings in the newly empty spinach bed.
The greens are still coming in hot and heavy, so have spent a lot of time prepping them. Harvest can be as much work as the actual planting and tending of the garden! But it is certainly gratifying! I'll begin picking peas in earnest this week. So excited to have fresh peas to eat this year!

This week I have a new round of lettuce seedlings to get in somewhere if I can find the space, as the earliest lettuce is starting to get bitter. I have about 300 marigold seedlings that need to be transplanted too. Yep. I definitely need to push myself before the real hot weather hits!

Here's a look at the beds in April!
And the garden now!


  1. Oh so pretty and productive! I love the layouts of your beds.

    You can send some of those marigolds to my garden, as my old seed failed to germinate this year. For the first time ever, I'm going to go buy marigolds from the nursery! Next year I'll be buying new seed.

  2. Well, thank you! It's actually pretty hodge-podge, but once the fence was up I had to make it fit somehow. As to the marigolds, it's great to have them all but now I've got to motivate myself to plant them! Too bad you're on the opposite coast!

  3. I too love the layouts of your beds and how professional it green, and well tended. It is amazing, the transformation from April to now heh. Wonderful.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Gardeningbren and for the compliment. Those photos are a little deceiving though, since they don't show up all the weeds that have been taking over the garden paths and the jungle that's pressing in on the outside of the fence!