Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I took a walk this morning down to the state highway to watch our town's annual July fourth parade. It's such an old-fashioned parade and so appropriate to our little rural town that I thought I'd show a few pictures of our celebration.

 The town next to ours has the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, so they were represented.
 It was nice to have a little music by the bagpipe band from another neighboring town.
 There were children on bikes with their little floats as well as motorcyclists, all waving the red, white and blue.
 Of course the fire department was there! In fact, so were engines from two other towns.
 There were plenty of tractors! I did say this was a farm town!
 The historical society had a little float.
 Now there's a monster ag machine you don't often see around here!
So, hurray for the red, white and blue! Happy Birthday America! I hope all of you across the country enjoy the day and take pride in this beautiful country of ours!


  1. Very nice! We are a bit sad here as they are not going to have the fireworks at the lake here this year. It has become quite a tradition for a lot of us. We won't go anywhere else, everywhere else is just too far away.

    1. Sorry about your fireworks Becky. My son was just complaining that there weren't any around here; our closest one was already held over the past weekend. There just aren't as many anymore and the few there are aren't always easy to get parking for. I hope your family had a nice day anyway!

  2. Looks like a sweet little town you live in! The parade looks very patriotic! How much fun! I bet you had a great day! Mindy

    1. Thank you! We do love this town, it is where my late mother-in-law grew up and I've lived here my entire married life.