Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dare I Resolve?

One of the many stonewalls that criss-cross the New England landscape as reminders of the hard-working farmers of years past.
So, today begins a new year. 2013! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were anxiously waiting for the turning of the century and years starting with 20 instead of 19? Now there is a whole generation out there that never saw any of the 1900's. And that feels just weird! But never mind, there is a point to this post. I thought I'd make a list of garden-related New Year's resolutions which I'd love to keep but probably won't. The point being at least I'll try. There are all kinds of people out there who say making resolutions is a bad thing because so few are accomplished, but it really doesn't bother me a whole lot when I don't keep them. To me the resolutions give me some goals to shoot for and either they get done or not, but most often they get partially accomplished. It's not an all-or-nothing thing with me, and any part of a resolution I am able to keep is a step forward.
So, to my resolutions:
1. Stick to the schedule! As much as possible. I use a calendar and write out when I want to plant, transplant, harden off, trim, plant out my vegetables and flowers. It is flexible to some extent because life and bad weather can get in the way, but I found I missed some good things last year by not paying attention to that schedule.
2. Stay on top of the weeds! OK, every year I fail at this. But, I will say, my garden is a bit more weed free every year, so it's a goal worth continuing working on.
3. Try growing a new veggie. This is one I know I will keep because every year I try something new. Last year was cauliflower. This year I'm going to try amaranth.
4. Plant those fall seedlings! I have a tendency to fizzle in the mid-summer heat. This is another of those goals I don't quite meet, but do better on every year. It kind of falls under resolution #1.
5. Plant more flowers around the garden to attract pollinators.
6. Make more compost. Use it.
Alright, I'd better stop. I'll overwhelm myself otherwise. Here's to a productive and Happy 2013 for all of us gardeners. May the year see many more people learning to love growing their own vegetables and sharing that love with others!


  1. All of your gardening resolutions are very reasonable and I'm sure you will succeed. I think writing things down helps a lot.

    Happy New Gardening Year!

    1. Thanks Robin! Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to following everyone's garden experiences and sharing my own!

  2. I'll join you in #4 and #6!

    Happy New Year, Nutmeg!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Granny! We'll hope for the best with those resolutions!

  3. Hoping you secceed with all your New Year's resolutions! I am making sheets for each month this year to plant and harvest so hopefully that will help me stay more on top of things! Happy New Year! Nancy

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year Nancy! I find writing out a plan does help. I use a blank calendar like the ones you can get for free at the bank and write in things I want done by certain dates. But then, the key for me is to remember to look at it and do what I've written,lol!